I’m Bipolar and Now I’m Having “PETE Traumatic Stress Disorder”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the author, September 2019

Pete Buttigieg’s Historic Bid for the White House

I never understood the absolute excitement and joy of politics until I became involved in Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign. I’ve been a disciple of Mayor Pete ever since he announced he was running for president last spring. Pete was the unity candidate…

Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks at the Harold Washington Cultural Center in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago last Wednesday. Photo by the author.

We are facing a massive mental health and addiction catastrophe in this country, and few 2020 candidates have built an action plan more robust than the treatment strategy proposed by Mayor Pete Buttigieg last week.

Mental health and addiction are often linked. This is a concept that is just coming…

Overcrowding at the Border Patrol Station in McAllen, TX in June 2019. Photo: Department of Homeland Security, Inspector General’s Office

A humanitarian crisis continues to burn at the U.S./Mexico border with no signs of relief, images of abuse, splashed across our screens for months now. And we’re not even seeing the worst of it. Our government is hiding it.

Thousands of people are fleeing violence and poverty in their home…

Conor Bezane

Conor Bezane is a writer who covers mental health. He’s contributed to MTV News, AOL, and VICE. His first book The Bipolar Addict is available now on Amazon.

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